July 2021

Donna is so knowledgeable and interesting! She is a fabulous teacher and mentor: very professional yet friendly, kind hearted, serious about her profession, and an amazing practitioner! I feel so fortunate to have been able to study under her for both Reiki and Reflexology!

Wendy Whall, Selkirk, Manitoba

April 2019

So I’ve been feeling stuck for close to 2 months now and decided to try something different. I went to Donna for a Reiki treatment and she is for sure a Reiki master. I feel like a completely different person today. My back feels better, my headache is gone. I have so much more energy. It’s feels like I got myself back again. Not only did the treatment work, she made me feel at home. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and I’m looking forward to many more treatments from this wonderful lady. A++ rating!

Kelly Sweetland, Interlake, Manitoba

February 2019

I had the most amazing experience getting my reiki level 1 with Donna. I knew going to her would be the best choice for me and it was. cant wait to get my level 2 with her!

Kayla Marie, Selkirk, Manitoba

August 2018

Donna, you are an amazing person and I am so thankful that I made the decision to contact you about Reiki. You have assisted me through life’s challenges and I look forward to more visits with you as I carry on with my journey. I have experienced a huge awakening. I am grateful and thankful for your continued encouragement and support. To fear or to love. I choose Love.

S.S. Interlake, Manitoba

April 2017

Donna has a warm and caring approach to all her clients and students. Her years of experience is evident in every session she does. She strives to ensure her knowledge is current and is continually learning ways to offer her clients more. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Carling Trotter, Victoria, Australia

April 2017

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of not only meeting and becoming acquainted with Donna but also being Reiki trained by her in Australia! Donna’s energy is so warm and open and you can feel it on approach! I never actually had any intention of learning the healing power of Reiki but about chatting with Donna about all things spiritual, the offer to train under her was too good to refuse. I took it as an opportunity for spiritual development but received way more than I bargained for. I learnt so many amazing skills over the two days spent with Donna. I will value that time for the rest of my life and hope to develop my Reiki over time and use it more. Thanks so much for spending time with us Aussies and passing on just a tiny part of that knowledge you hold! xxx

Michelle Stehn, Horsham, Victoria, Australia

October 2013

Over the past five years I have had the good fortune to receive reiki treatments, reflexology treatments and to attend reiki classes with Donna Henderson at Limon. At all times, Donna has proved to be a highly skilled and ethical practitioner who is dedicated to ongoing learning for the benefit of Limon clients.  In recent months I have greatly benefitted from my EFT sessions with Donna. EFT has helped me to improve my focus, manage self-esteem issues and alleviate stress. Wise, compassionate, generous of spirit and resourceful, Donna combines her mastery of healing and empowering modalities to help her clients achieve their goals and personal potential. From personal and corporate perspectives, many people would derive great benefit from Limon’s wholistic personal services. I strongly recommend Limon for these reasons.

Pam Hadder, Winnipeg, Manitoba

October 2013

Donna Henderson is a consummate professional and is exceptional in all modalities.  I have been fortunate enough to have experienced Reiki, Reflexology, and EFT treatments from Donna which have always successfully got my mind, body and spirit “back on track.”  I have also attended Reiki training workshops given by Donna which have provided long-term benefit in maintaining my personal wellness.  I can’t recommend Donna highly enough.  She is truly gifted.

Wendy J. Miller, Winnipeg, Manitoba

November 2010

Donna, you are the greatest teacher in the world! There’s not enough thanks in the world for what you’re owed and deserve. You are simply the BEST. The word ‘thanks’ can’t even touch on what I owe you…for finding myself in the world that you opened up for me. Words fail me. May God truly bless you, and give you all the desires of your heart.

L.F., Selkirk, MB